Falcon “High Bar”

The popular lighter weight Falcon is available for the less able-bodied driver!  It features an additional step in the back and a higher grab handle behind the seat so the driver can step from the ground, to the navigator platform, to the second step, and then to the side frame, while pulling up with the high bar.  This is considerably easier on the knees than trying to step from the ground!

Wheels measure from 65/60 cm for Small Pony, 75/70 cm for Cob, to 80/75 cm for Horse-sized vehicles.  The track is 126 cm on all.

Base Vehicle Includes:

  • Choice of Two-Spring, Three-Spring, or Elmex (shock absorber) front suspension
  • Adjustable steel shafts (painted or powder coated)
  • Hard rubber or pneumatic tires
  • Straight or curved spokes
  • Hydraulic, no rust disc brakes on rear wheels
  • Center Navigator Ridge for proper foot placement (flat also available)
  • Vinyl marathon bucket seat – adjustable forward and back
  • Attached tool storage bag and appropriate tools
  • Padded rear fenders with knee rolls (can be used as seats)
  • Whip socket
  • Painting & striping (choice of colors)

Options Include:

  • Trailing Arm (air bag) suspension
  • Stainless Steel Package: polished stainless sides, seat frame, dash, grab handles, spokes, single tree, and shafts (both bases and ends)
  • Individual stainless components (e.g. sides and dash only)
  • Telescopic shafts – spring loaded
  • Quick Change hubs
  • Extra wheels with pneumatic or hard rubber tires
  • Fifth wheel brake with control knob for Navigator and/or pedal for Driver
  • Pressure gauge for Navigator-controlled fifth wheel brake
  • Hydraulic, no rust disc brakes on front wheels
  • Delayed steering
  • Suede seat
  • Extra back cushion for shorter driver