Max I

Max I

The Max I is a popular general purpose Single vehicle, available in HorseCob, or Pony size.  As an entry level Combined Driving marathon vehicle, it is suitable up to and including the Preliminary level in all phases. It is also an excellent training and wagonette-style pleasure driving vehicle to drive at club events or to take your friends for a drive on the farm, around town, or wherever there is a suitable place to drive.

In addition to the driver, it seats an additional person on the box and two adults in the rear.

An optional pole and adaptor converts it to a light pair trainer.

Steel wheels with hard rubber tires are preferred for showing. Wheels with pneumatic tires are more practical for training and recreational driving. The two types of wheels are interchangeable on the optional Quick Change hubs.

Base Vehicle Includes:

  • Adjustable steel shafts (painted or powder coated)
  • Hard rubber or pneumatic tires
  • Hydraulic, no rust disc brakes on rear wheels
  • Driver’s bucket seat, flat companion seat, two flat wagonette-style seats in the back
  • Whip holder
  • Painting & striping (choice of colors)

Options Include:

  • Shafts, singletrees, or sides in polished stainless steel
  • Quick Change hubs
  • Extra wheels with pneumatic or hard rubber tires
  • Hydraulic, no rust disc brakes on front wheels
  • Fifth wheel brake
  • Suede seat
  • Pole and adaptor for Pairs