The Tiger is a slightly heavier and slightly more elaborate Single Horse vehicle. It is suitable to large horses and half drafts. With a pair adapter, it can be used for Cob or Horse pairs, but the weight is too low to be FEI legal, thus it should not be used for green pairs or heavy pullers.

It can be ordered in Horse size (wheel diameters 80 cm front, 75 cm rear) or Cob size (wheel diameters 75 cm front, 70 cm rear or smaller).  The box accommodates a driver’s bucket seat and a flat companion seat. The bucket seat is adjustable fore and aft, and as an option, can be ordered adjustable sideways to the middle of the box with the flat companion seat folding out of the way.

Flat cushions over the rear fenders (no back rests) provide reasonably comfortable seating for two people, facing one another.

Base Vehicle Includes:

  • Adjustable steel shafts (painted or powder coated)
  • Hard rubber or pneumatic tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on rear wheels
  • Vinyl marathon bucket seat & tool storage bag
  • Flat companion seat
  • Padded rear fenders (can be used as seats)
  • Whip holder
  • Painting & striping (choice of colors)

Options include:

  • Stainless Steel Package:  polished stainless sides, dash, grab handles, spokes, single tree and shafts, seat frame
  • Individual stainless components (e.g. sides and dash only)
  • Telescopic shafts – spring loaded
  • Quick Change hubs
  • Extra wheels with pneumatic or hard rubber tires
  • Fifth wheel brake with control wheel under floor, Navigator, or pedal for Driver
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on front wheels
  • Delayed steering
  • Suede seat
  • Driver’s bucket seat moveable left to the center of the box
  • Pole and adaptor to convert to a light pair trainer