The Yale can be custom ordered in sizes from Large Ponies, such as Fjords or Haflingers, to Draft horses.

The Yale is equally at home working in a ring, driving with your friends in a national park or going cross country on the farm or logging trails. Its purpose is not competition but training (both driver and horse), cross country, and “off road” pleasure/recreational driving. It is suitable to drive and compete in club and training level events, where obstacles are wider and competition less intense. It is less appropriate for Prelim and above CDE obstacles since it has a longer wheel base and is a wider than a typical marathon vehicle.

The standard Yale has an open rear with a wide back step and handles on both sides, similar to a conventional marathon. As an option the rear can be made like a wagonette, with a door and a small entry step which swivels under the carriage when not needed.

The basic model accommodates four passengers in the rear and comes with a marathon type driver’s bucket seat and a flat companion seat. A “step through” box seat or “passage” is an option. This allows easy movement between the box seat and the passenger seats in the rear.

The nonstructural wooden panels shown in photos are marine plywood, stained and finished with an epoxy varnish. These panels can also be made of a composite plastic in which case they are painted and striped.

Base Vehicle Includes:

  • Steel frame & wheels
  • Adjustable steel shafts (painted or powder coated)
  • Roller Bearing wheels – 30 in./29 in.
  • Hard rubber or pneumatic tires
  • Hydraulic, no rust disc brakes on rear wheels
  • Vinyl marathon bucket seat & tool storage bag
  • Flat companion seat
  • Rear seats 80 cm (31.5”) long
  • Whip holder
  • Painting & striping (choice of colors)

Options Include:

  • Trailing Arm (air bag) suspension for front and/or rear suspension
  • Stainless Steel Package: polished stainless sides, dash, grab handles, spokes, single tree, and shafts, plus stainless frame which is painted
  • Individual stainless components (e.g. sides and dash only)
  • Telescopic shafts – spring loaded
  • Quick Change hubs
  • Extra wheels with pneumatic or hard rubber tires
  • Hydraulic, no rust disc brakes on front wheels
  • Suede seat(s)
  • Bucket companion seat
  • “Step Through” box
  • Longer rear seats
  • Lighter aluminum pole or steel pole (which resists bending better, but is heavier)